Bright Blessings Dear One

Michelle Duke, an intuitive leader in service to the global movement for the rise of the new paradigm witch. This is for the woman who knows that true majick exists within her and is unafraid of leading in the world in her power.

Michelle works with women in the alternative healing arts, assisting them to transform their inner people-pleasers, into purposeful leaders and increase their impact on their business, relationships, and the wider community.

With decades of experience in pseudoscience, supporting women, and energy medicine, Michelle purposefully assists women in identifying their self-mastery through alignment with their inner witch.

You are seen

You live a Spiritually guided life and have been met with judgement and persecution. This keeps you hidden in the shadows, stepping into your Majick in this lifetime has been challenging.

Whether you identify as a Witch or not, your cells hold trauma from lifetimes of persecution.

INITIATION is a three part process where you clear this Witch Wound and step into your Majick.


New Paradigm Witch

Deep within all of us the wounding of the Witch runs deep. Fear of judgement and persecution play out subconsciously in our daily life.

Initiation is here to reconnect your Majick!

Session 1 - Soul Clearing

Session 2 - Reconnecting the Inner Witch

Session 3 - Integrative Ritual